laundry detergent bottle falls into washing machine
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SuperWife Strikes Down “The Marriage Myth”

Like many young women, I assumed that getting married would make me SuperWife.

Need that sock sewn? SuperWife to the rescue! Aha, I see dinner needs to be made. No worries, I have a billion recipes and have inherited magical cooking powers since I graduated college! Dirty laundry? Messy room? Scum in the shower? Hahaha! SuperWife has the wielding powers to zap this all away without a single complaint. In fact, she’s smiling up a storm so intense, it’ll knock the socks off the Mister when he walks in the door.

laundry detergent bottle falls into washing machine

Well, wives-to-be and singles-in-training, let me assure you that your hobbies, abilities, and interests do not, in fact, change after marriage. Whoa! And there’s the big reveal!

Needless to say, this SuperWife possesses other skills. Need that food cooked? Let me introduce you to Mister Husband. He’s quite charming and rather good at all this skillet stuff. SuperWife just chops up the veggies, searches the Internet for new recipes, and uses her shopping prowess to find the best deals! Whoohoo!

Want your bills to decrease? SuperWife is the priceline negotiator! And if the power company declines, she can withstand the freezing depths of the living room for hours with no additional electrical heat, thanks to her magical layers of sexy sweaters and snowboarding socks!

Want that laundry done? Just let it lie. Soon the odor will get to her super-sensing nose, and SuperWife will gather the gumption to conquer that octopus-size pile in three fell swoops, known as Wash Attack, Dry Spinkick, and Fold ‘Em Obliterate.

Oh yeah, being a housewife does take talent. But that talent doesn’t have to look like your great-grandmother’s… or Betty Crocker… or Martha Stewart. Ladies, embrace your own magical powers, absorb all the new tricks you can, and say to heck with the rest of it! 😉

~ Ally Siwajian © 2012

Photograph credit: Ally Siwajian, featuring my epic laundry fail


3 thoughts on “SuperWife Strikes Down “The Marriage Myth”

  1. Debi Johnson says:

    haha, I totally love this Ally!! An old post, but still love it. Laughing outloud! and it is so true!! I’m glad I can be happy with Petey cooking and I can just keep doing the things I’m good at and love to do. 🙂

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