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The Resurgence of Passion: An Introduction to my upcoming Experiment

Passionate people tend to do one of two things. One: They inspire and mobilize those around them. Two: They scare people away.

I don’t want to scare people.

But this week I realized sometimes it takes passion to achieve peace, personal betterment, and an improved world in which to live. It takes perseverance. It takes humility. It takes the courage.

We all have something to say.

I think it’s about time we remember that. I think it’s time to set aside apathy. It’s time to deny fear of failure. It’s time to take a stand.

small girl in India looks up from her drawing

Discover what makes you come alive. Fight for that.

What do you believe in? What makes your mind tick? What makes your heart sick?

Speak. Speak. Speak.           

I want to tell you about how I believe God is good.

I want to share with you about my adventures as I interview TV celebrities and chefs and charity leaders.

I want to explain why I still believe we must end the abduction of child soldiers for Joseph Kony’s rebel militia, stop the sex-trade and abuse of minors, and destroy the firm grip of the inviting idea of suicide that has seized so many American lives.


I want to tell you this: You have a story. You should share it.


Because I want to learn from you. We all want to learn from you. You have something to offer the world no one else on this planet possesses. You are unique. You do have a story, and you can discover your voice.

smiling little boy

Smile. Share. Speak.

Let’s learn to use our voices. Come all who may, whether your voice is rough from lack of use or fine-tuned from the freedom you have discovered in words!

The Pans and Pickpockets Challenge: We will speak together.

I do not expect you to speak if I am not willing to do so as well. We have to stand together.

To remind myself of this challenge, I have decided to try an experiment. For the month of November, I will post twice a week. The topics: Writer Wednesdays and Missions-Minded Mondays. It’s the Pans and Pickpockets.

On Mondays, come to find information about social injustice and solutions. These posts will be targeted to (whom I’ve decided to call) stunted world changers. It’s for people, like me, who feel their hearts drawn to do more but haven’t discovered how they can help. My plans include stories, interviews, and information dissemination—all about what’s happening worldwide and how to effect positive, long-lasting change.

On Wednesdays, come to learn about the craft of writing. If you have a voice, you need to learn how to use it. That is what Wednesday topics will target. I am still learning about writing and I believe I always will, so why don’t we learn together?

Ally in the snow

Are you with me?

Now I invite you to join me.

How will you use your voice to benefit others? What will you do to reclaim your passion amid a society that tries to normalize? Who will you stand beside to encourage, and in what ways will you be the one to bring hope?

Share your thoughts, stories, or responses in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you!

Photo credits: Lauren Patton of Sin City Saint, Justus Ochuro of Bungoma Bible School, Jamison Frady of Quiet Art Photography  © 2012  (Photographs used by permission.)

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