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“One Day” in my life: Project to document the daily norm

On my post “How do I start writing?” last week, Jessica of Mothering with Creativity recommended bloggers share who they are. “People like to ‘see’ other people,” she said. I couldn’t agree more!

So when I read about Laura at Hollywood Housewife’s plan to document a day in her life and her invitation for other bloggers to join in “One Day HH,” I couldn’t resist. I joined the movement, and I documented my Wednesday, November 14, 2012, with photographs.

The goal of “One Day” is to document pieces of your life you wouldn’t otherwise see fit to photograph. It’s the toothpaste you use, the gas prices that day, or the stack of papers you just can’t seem to get through. It’s the Post-it Notes of your life that, when pieced together, form your story.

And it’s a good story because you live your life in it.

Click any photo to start the slideshow and see complete captions!

Thanks for sharing in my “One Day”!

Photographs: Anthony and Ally Siwajian © 2012


14 thoughts on ““One Day” in my life: Project to document the daily norm

  1. This is so cool! How did you do the collage? (Although if you “cheated” and used your Mac, I’ll say that’s not fair! LOL. And I’m not so sure too many people would be interested in another college kid’s life, but perhaps…We’ll see.)

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks! I’m glad you like it! I bet people would be interested in your life as a college kid. Pick a day next week, and give it a try! 🙂

      Also, anybody can do the collage format. For WordPress users, make sure you’ve uploaded your photos to the media gallery and already written your post. Then switch from the “Visual” tab to “Text” tab in the post editor. Select the spot where you want your photo gallery to go, then insert this code: [gallery type="rectangular"]
      Save it, and voila!

      If you decide to do a photo collage of a day in your life, please link it here! I’d love to see it!

  2. Your pictures are awesome! You definitely got some detail shots I wish that I had. That’s the bonus of doing a Week In the Life, more time.

    It was such a fun project, I have loved looking at everyone’s pictures. Thanks so much for playing along.

    • Thank you, Laura! I can only imagine what a Week in the Life would look like. It’d be fantastic to have more photos, but for now I really liked the simplicity of One Day. No stress–just lots of fun! 😉 Thanks for organizing this event and encouraging all of us readers to join you for an awesome day!

      P.S. I loved looking at your “One Day” photos as well! The focus on the people–who they are in your life and what they look like right now–is absolutely priceless!

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