Dream: One Word 2013
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Running forward toward Redemption

This year I dedicate to dreams.

Dream: One Word 2013

I am finished with the belief that

“this” is all there is. I am no longer ascribing to a

school of thought that tells you all your hard work was all

for naught, so just get used to normal.

I am through with beating the drum

black and blue to walk to a professional tune

I think will lead me to my destiny.


We create our own soundtracks. We

determine our own steps. The cannon

fires. Pick up your feet. Reach out when

you feel weak, and raise a hand to

help a fallen brother when your paths collide

in a shower of sparks from a flare he sent up

long ago in whispered words of a prayer.


When will you step off the street that’s

paved with concrete and feel the

weight of the dirt-stained rocks that

seep into your shoes and

find those crevices that form calluses and

let you know you’re alive?


Today I choose to live big, bold and beautiful. I

embrace what the world has for me, and I

promise to stop being an absentee on

my own life. I tied these laces, and I’m picking up the

pace as I clench my teeth and pray to

see the path markers God set after

He paid my admission fee to

bring vitality to this

circuit of my race.


Today I make a choice:

Deny apathy.

Choose action.

Then start a chain-reaction to change

patterns in your brain that scream, “You can’t!”

You can and you will, if you’ll only

stop standing still and determine

this is the day of redemption.


(Inspired by Isaiah 40:27-31 and Philippians 3:13-14.)


Special thanks to Melanie at Only a Breath for creating my One Word Button. 


7 thoughts on “Running forward toward Redemption

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