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“One Day” 2013: Project to Document the Daily Norm

One year ago, I determined to capture the Post-it note pieces of my life that, when placed together, form my life’s story. This year, Laura Tremaine at Hollywood Housewife hosted her annual One Day event again, and I couldn’t wait to join! 

The goal is simple: Capture details of your life that make it what it is. Your nightstand, your makeup bag, your commute, your desktop. Anything you normally wouldn’t photograph, you now have a reason to do so. Because this is “One Day.” And in one day, you receive a glimpse of your life, in those small moments, for 24 hours.

This is my life through my scope on November 13, 2013. This is my story of 24 hours that I may not have otherwise noted, but now have found meaningful even in the mundane.

This is my One Day, 2013 style.

Click any photo to start the slideshow and see complete captions!

Wondering what my life looked like last year? Check it out here: One Day 2012.

Thanks for joining in my One Day!

Words and photos by: Ally Siwajian © 2013


6 thoughts on ““One Day” 2013: Project to Document the Daily Norm

  1. Terrie says:

    I just love your one day in your life posts. Next year would you give me notice, I’d love to try it if only to send it to you and your sis!

  2. I looked at both this and your One Day post from last year, it’s fun to be able to see the little changes in our everyday life from year to year. And I really liked how you ended both posts with a photo of your nightstand and the exact same wording about your husband – very sweet!

    Side note: so crazy that you used a recipe from that deliciously ella blog, she was in my year at uni!

    • Anna, you are so observant—I love it! Thanks for noticing the little detail of the last photo between years.

      I remember your post from last year as well, and you’re right: It’s fun to see how life can change so much even in a year. So good!

      That’s crazy awesome that you know Ella! I’m a big fan of her blog! Her recipes helped me a lot when I made the switch to plants-based food to support my mom, who has a very similar health condition to what started Ella on her food journey. How great that you’ve met her!

      It’s so fun to connect with you again, Anna!

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