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What I Like: “Summer Slacktavist” Edition

This summer has passed faster than the Millennium Falcon making the jump to light speed. And we’re not talking Episode V here.

Amid long days at the office, magazine deadlines, work trips, and making sure I got to church mostly on time Sunday mornings, I’ve actually spent a lot of time doing one of two things: walking city sidewalks and watching a lot of television.

So, I discovered this joy called Netflix, which people have been rightfully gabbing about for years. I started “Sherlock” on a Tuesday. Anthony and I finished all three seasons by that Sunday. And I, of course, feel no shame for this incident.

I even caught up on “Arrested Development” as far as I could stomach it, finished all available seasons of “What Not To Wear,” started “Firefly” and watched a few kiddie classics just to reminisce.

To make up for my massive amount of couch-space-hogged time, I’ve been walking three miles once a week. Never mind that it’s to get Jamba Juice. It was official outdoors time—minus the pine trees and the bunny rabbits and all those nature elements we enjoyed in Northern Nevada near Lake Tahoe.

But I digress.

After years of activism and volunteerism, this past month I’ve inadvertently joined the slack-tavist team. And with as zany as finding my place in this big, big city can be, I’m okay with calm for now. We all need some normalcy, huh?


Today, from my couch, I’d like to share a few articles I’ve enjoyed this summer. Here are my favorite finds. Thank you, Internet.

1. Los Angeles — A Love Story.” As I struggle to find where I fit in LA after my big move last year, Laura Tremaine’s exposé resonated with me. I like the idea that it’s a city filled with “what if” opportunities, where “possibility falls off the palm trees.”

2. “Watch This 27-Second Video the Next Time Fear Lies to You.” In the words of my favorite comedian/business advice guy, Jon Acuff, “You don’t have to be amazing at everything.” Don’t believe it? Read this quick blurb, and watch 50-Cent “throw” the first pitch at a baseball game.

3. “Three Supermoons in a Row.” Science can just be amazing some days, right? Or some nights. Yeah, that too. Get your nerd card, and find out how NASA describes the visual phenomenon behind #SuperMoon2014. Psst! Next Supermoon is Sept. 9.

4. “Comic-Com Readies for the Last ‘Hobbit’ Film.” In light of the trailer debut for “The Battle of the Five Armies,” I’m loving Philippa Boyens’ final sentiments in this USA Today article: “It’s the ordinary, everyday folk, as Gandalf says in the first film, those are the ones who keep the darkness at bay.”

5. “Back Home” by Andy Grammer. Who is Andy Grammer? I don’t know. But I heard this song on the radio, driving home from work one day, and this chorus is meant for me. Right now. In this season.

Thanks for reading about what I like! Let me know in the comments below: What do you like right now? Favorite Internet finds or otherwise?

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What I Like Right Now: I’m Hooked edition

Too often it’s easy to focus on the negative elements in life. So I figured that while the whole “Month of Thankfulness” may have ended with November, I can keep reminding myself of what I’m happy about in life. Sometimes it’ll be deep. But today, let’s keep it simple. I just want to let you in on what I like right now in my daily life! It’s the “pans,” if you will. 😉  Once Upon a Time Henry

(1) Once Upon a Time on Trapped between two worlds, the fairy tale characters of childhood stories struggle to survive in a world without magic–ours. With Rumpelstiltskin, Prince Charming, and the Evil Queen in Storybrooke, Maine, with Mulan, Captain Hook, and *spoiler alert* the Red Queen of Hearts in the Enchanted Forest, and with Sleeping Beauty’s Philip in the netherworld, all kinds of crazy has been going down in these clever plot twists. What can I say? I’m hooked.

(2) I’ve been a fan since 2009. (Yes, I jumped on the bandwagon a little late. Didn’t want my CDs to feel jealous.) Apparently, Spotify is the next best thing. I’m going to have to try it soon. But today I still like the variety of Pandora, where I can hear my favorites in a mix with new material. My current favorite playlists are based on “Hans Zimmer” and “‘Destroy’ by Worth Dying For.”

(3) Mustard Yellow Cardigan: Two months ago, I picked up a mustard yellow cardigan as my autumn wardrobe update. This sweater is transforming my world… and the photographers I work with for magazine pieces are probably sick of seeing me wear it! It just goes so well with everything: slacks and blouse, polka dot dress, even jeans and a printed T-shirt. I love it!

How about you? What music/TV shows/clothes/food/favorites/etc. are you into right now?

Photo by ABC’s Once Upon a Time